We help safeguard both Residential and Commercial structures. Because of the wide range of services we provide, we have developed strong relationships with many Real-Estate and Property Management companies throughout Virginia. They trust us to make sure that their clients homes are pest free and that any damages have been repaired.


You have heard it said that a home is one of the most important resources that a person has. Well it’s not just because of the financial investment, but because it’s where you and your family dwell. We at Affordable Exterminators help protect where our clients live as if we were defending our own homes.


First our inspection program helps determine wether insects or other pests are getting into your living space. Once eradicated, prevention programs create a physical or chemical barrier to help discourage their return. Mold, Fungus and Mildew can also intrude on your home and can cause both sickness and destruction of property. It does not mater if the problem is in the Crawl Space, Attic or the heating and air system, we will cleanse the affected areas to ensure the home is allergy free.


Please call and make an appointment for a free inspection so that we can start making your home ready for your Family once again (and Only them).


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Our “Termite Safety Control” Policy ~

After a thorough inspection of a home is performed, and it is deemed free and clear of termites and other wood destroying pests, the home is then eligible for our “TSC” policy. At the rate of approximately $145.00 to $250.00, depending on the size of the home, we will automatically schedule an annual inspection of your home, inside, outside, under and in the attic. If, at that time, termites are found, we will treat them at no additional cost. Also, if damage from the new infestation is noted, we will replace or repair the damage at no cost, as well. (Certain restrictions apply, e.g. if a previously inaccessible area has been opened, such as an inside wall.)

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After everything is said and done, we remind you of the old saying that “The Best Defense is a Good Offense”.

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