Recognizing and understanding the natural pathways that these invaders take to gain access to your structure allow us a natural advantage when it comes to protection. From our carpentry skills to our on-staff tree service, we can help keep you and your structure safe. Give us a call before the problem starts and rest easy knowing that your property is guaranteed secure.


ProActive Approach

With the advances in building materials and our general understanding of how we interact with the animal kingdom, it’s getting easier to predict where problem areas might occur. Still, it’s hard not to be surprised and somewhat frightened when we notice evidence of infestation. A small line of ants on our kitchen counter sets off an alarm in our thinking that leaves us unsettled. Until resolved, we are at the mercy of these pests. Affordable Exterminators gives you back control.


Natural Remedies

Quite often the simplest solution is the best. There are many natural remedies that get overlooked by property owners, simply because of a limited understanding. Pruning tree branches away from roof lines, hanging a bird feeder or knowing where to stack your woodpile can make a huge difference. Physical barriers such as plastic sheeting or something as simple as a thin line of Borax or diatomaceous earth can go a long way toward proper pest prevention. That doesn’t necessarily mean that these inert products will resolve your problem. Our job is to know what level of treatment to recommend for your individual needs.


Mosquito control chemically -vs- Natural mosquito repellants

Ageratum, rosemary, citronella, horsemint, marigolds, peppermint, lemon, garlic, clove, lavender and catnip.


They will help deter; however, professional control is the best.

PREVENTION We Guarantee our Prevention Methods in Writing:

After everything is said and done, we remind you of the old saying that “The Best Defense is a Good Offense”. Click below to better investigate the “preventive maintenance” section of our site.










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