Cleaning mold contamination:

Remediation involves cleaning up existing mold while avoiding exposure to oneself or occupants.


An essential first step is preventing new growth by addressing the moisture source, we always repair the water problem before proceeding.


The next step is isolation. We close all doors and windows between the contaminated region and other rooms of the home. We cover openings with polyethylene sheeting and seal all seams except for slip openings. Misting the contaminated areas also helps to suppress dust.








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Proper disposal and handling is assured as our experienced staff remove all wet and mold-damaged porous materials.

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The actual cleaning is accomplished by means of vacuum assisted wire brushing, air abrasives, and detergents to assure complete removal of mold spores.



Cleaned materials are dried to allow leftover moisture to evaporate. Occasionally to speed up the drying process, we will use fans and dehumidifiers, or raise the indoor air temperature.



The last step is to determine if clean up has been successful. Just because the mold is gone and there’s no dirt or dust doesn’t mean that you’re done. The EPA document, Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings, is a great resource for helping you complete your clean up efforts.

Call us today if you think a preliminary inspection would be helpful.

All molds are fungi, but not all fungi are molds. Fungi come in many forms, from molds to mushrooms, mildew and yeasts. The yeast in your pantry is also a fungus. It’s just sitting dormant until you add water to activate it. The same is true with other fungi. Spores are everywhere. Add water and activate them.



Dry rot is a type of fungus (yeast) that can sit dormant for years (as spores), but when moisture is added, approximately 28%-30% of it will start to grow (hyphae) and produce the visual fruiting body known as “mycelium.” It is actually reaching out trying to find moisture. Dry rot (also called brown rot) is different, in that if no water is present, it will start taking the moisture from the wood itself.

Mold and the EPA

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After everything is said and done, we remind you of the old saying that “The Best Defense is a Good Offense”. Click below to better investigate the “preventive maintenance” section of our site.

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