Proudly serving Richmond, Virginia’s homeowners and businesses since 1989. We pride ourselves on long lasting relationships and the opportunity to continually prove our professional capabilities. Our restoration division makes us a convenient one-stop shop for all levels of damage control, repair and proactive maintenance measures, such as exclusion barriers, to make certain those unwanted problems don't return!


If infestations have already occurred, our experienced technicians are qualified to help you eliminate the problem. Termites, Carpenter Ants, Roaches, Bedbugs, Spiders, or even Squirrels (basically any unwanted pest) will be eliminated. We use methods and materials that are humane and safe.


If structural damage has occurred, we can help with multiple crews of on-staff craftsmen and carpenters who are ready to make repairs. We have experience repairing or replacing support beams, siding, windows, decks, roofs, porches and more.






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Encapsulating a crawlspace is a fantastic start to improving the health of your home (and your families health too). One of the biggest problems with living in the southeast is moist/wet crawlspaces. With high humidity levels and an elevated water table like that found in the Virginia piedmont region, encapsulating and conditioning your crawlspace may be an investment well worth your consideration.

Remediation involves cleaning up existing mold while avoiding exposure. An essential first step is stopping new growth by addressing the moisture source, proper repair before proceeding is paramount. Cleaned materials are dried while air abrasives, and detergents are used to assure complete removal of mold spores. The last step is to determine if clean up has been successful. We won't leave until the job is done!

Mold Remediation

Once invaders find their way into a safe environment, it can be difficult to remove them. We have extensive experience with many of the market pesticides currently in use. With kids and pets as a concern, we keep an arsenal of alternative extermination methods at our disposal. From Green practices to humane capture of larger mammals, we can adapt our technique to suit your concerns.


More often than not, some damage will occur when common pests breach a property’s defenses. Our expert team of skilled craftsmen will make quick and affordable work of any areas showing signs of intrusion. Replacing rotten or molded structural elements, closing soffits to the elements or just securing the screens on an attic vent are all easy steps to ensure that you are protected.


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Our “Termite Safety Control” Policy ~

After a thorough inspection of a home is performed, and it is deemed free and clear of termites and other wood destroying pests, the home is then eligible for our “TSC” policy. At the rate of approximately $145.00 to $250.00, depending on the size of the home, we will automatically schedule an annual inspection of your home, inside, outside, under and in the attic. If, at that time, termites are found, we will treat them at no additional cost. Also, if damage from the new infestation is noted, we will replace or repair the damage at no cost, as well. (Certain restrictions apply, e.g. if a previously inaccessible area has been opened, such as an inside wall.)

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After everything is said and done, we remind you of the old saying that “The Best Defense is a

Good Offense”. Click here to better investigate the “preventive maintenance” section of our site . . .



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